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Saving 22 trees a month

Saving 22 trees a month

Saving 22 trees this month is something we are proud of at Elm Tree!

Caring for our local community is fundamental to how we operate our Centre. While it might not be obvious when you first walk in, there’s a lot going on every day to make sure we look after our environment for our growing children.

We love the sun! The whole centre uses solar power for heat & light, thanks to the solar panels on our roof. Every month we save the equivalent of 22 trees with this practice. Have a look ‘up; next time you visit.

We recycle or re-use all packaging and paper. Children are encouraged to use the recycling bins dotted around the Over 2’s area for scrap paper. On ‘lunch-box day’ we talk to the children about what’s in their lunch – encouraging not only healthy eating but packaging choices that are healthy for our environment. Whatever is not eaten becomes food for our local pig farm or is composted into the vege garden.

We minimise their exposure to harsh chemicals by using child-safe cleaning products and compost food scraps. Our children learn how to care for our environment and take these good practices back to their homes and families.

Our eco-practices are just one of the ways we strive to be the Bay’s education provider of choice – caring for our planet as well as for our precious children.

Posted: Tue 14 Mar 2017