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IT - What's it good for?

IT - What's it good for?

IT - What’s it good for?


Our children will grow up in an online world. Rebekah shares the benefits of technology for preschoolers;


1.       Fine motor skills – Time on devices help develop fine motor skills. Encourage your child to use educational apps that involve hand-eye co-ordination and virtual movement rather than spend time passively watching a movie.


2.      Self-directed learning – The internet is a great tool for enquiry learning – what-ever topic fascinates your child, encourage them to “Google it” and see what comes up. Installing a child-friendly software filter will ensure they are safe from any inappropriate content.


3.       Readiness for school – It is likely your child will use tablets and the internet as a new entrant. Get them comfortable using a keyboard and mouse so that they are ready for digital learning when they start primary school.


Play is an essential part of the social, emotional and physical development of children. Achieving the right balance of online and offline activity will ensure your child grows up to be a well-rounded, 21st Century learner.

Posted: Mon 21 Nov 2016