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Settling into day-care

Settling into day-care
  1. Do Your Research – Attend at least three visits prior to starting at a new Centre. This allows you and your child to become familiar with the staff and the environment. Getting to know the teachers will help you feel at ease leaving your child with them. Check out relevant policies and procedures plus how the Centre will communicate any issues or concerns.

  2.  Get To Know You - Help the Centre get to know your child by giving them lots of information. This might include interests, favourite foods, family members & pets and daily routines.  This gives teachers interesting things to talk about with your child once you’ve left and starts to establish trust.

  3. First Day Transition - On your child’s first day, encourage them to become involved in an activity as soon as you arrive. Before leaving, settle them with their teacher, say goodbye and let them know when you will return. You might also consider shorter visits initially, building up to full time. 

 It’s normal for a child to be unsettled when mum or dad are leaving, but rest assured they will gradually adjust. Open communication between you and your Centre is important - always feel free to call and check how your child is settling in. Chances are, 5 minutes after you leave, they will be happily playing trains dressed up as a fairy!

Posted: Fri 09 Sep 2016